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Chesterfield County Workers Comp Lawyer

Living with the aftermath of your workplace injury can be tough—you don’t have to go it alone. A workers comp lawyer in Chesterfield County can help you take on the insurance company. 

When you’re injured at work, both full and partial disability benefits could be on the table. Need some help getting started? Contact a Chesterfield County Workers Comp Lawyer. 

Investigating Your Workplace Accident in Chesterfield County 

Workers compensation benefits help injured workers get support following an accident at their place of employment. Due to the relative frequency of these types of accidents, Virginia companies employing more than three employees are required to carry workers compensation insurance. 

Workers compensation benefits aren’t dependent on proving fault in order to be awarded. The accident in question, however, does have to have happened at work or a work event; involved a work activity; and have happened suddenly rather than gradually. 

Unfortunately, many Chesterfield County workers compensation insurance companies will still seek to avoid paying injured fair compensation. Insurance companies are businesses like any other. They are motivated by a desire to protect the company’s bottom line. In order to win the benefits you need, then, you’ll have to clearly establish the facts of your case. 

Taking pictures of any injuries and the site of the work accident in question can help build your case. Going to a doctor to officially get your injuries on file can also strengthen your argument. Finally, ensuring that all forms have been properly filed by the respective deadlines will also be vital. If you’re unsure how to proceed, a workers comp lawyer in Chesterfield County could help. 

The Workers Comp Benefits Available to You in Chesterfield County, Virginia

In the state of Virginia, various types of workers compensation benefits can be available to injured workers. Depending on the nature of your accident, these could include: 

  • Lifetime medical benefits
  • Temporary partial or total disability 
  • Permanent partial disability 
  • Death benefits

Deadline for Taking Workers Comp Action in Chesterfield County 

The deadline for informing your employer of your workplace accident is generally thirty days from the date of the accident. Keep in mind that if you’ve been injured and immediately taken to the hospital by your employer, they may already be informed. 

Otherwise, failing to formally notify your supervisor of your injuries within thirty days could lead to a dismissal of your case. Similarly, if you’re applying for an appeal of any decision made by an insurance company, it’s important to keep in mind that the deadline is generally two years. If you’re worried about the impact of the deadline on your case, an experienced workers compensation lawyer can help. 

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