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Fairfax County Workers Comp Lawyer

A workplace injury can really set you back. Fortunately, a workers comp lawyer in Fairfax County can walk you through the steps needed to secure your benefits. 

Almost all employers are required to carry workers comp insurance. That doesn’t mean unlocking your benefits will be easy. Consulting a Fairfax County workers comp lawyer could be the key to unlocking your benefits. 

Investigating the Circumstances of Your Fairfax County Work Accident

When you’ve been hurt on the job, you should know the rights available to you. Workplace injuries are common enough that Virginia requires all companies with at least three or more employees carry workers compensation insurance.

Workers compensation can help workers that have sustained injuries on the job in Fairfax County receive the benefits they need: compensation for medical bills or specialized treatment, temporary or partial disability, and even death benefits for the dependents or family members of workers who die on the job. 

In theory, these benefits should be open to all who need them. Workers compensation law functions differently than personal injury claims, which requires the proof of fault or negligence to win damages. In order for your accident to qualify for workers compensation benefits, three primary concerns must be met: 

  • The accident in question must occur on the job or at a work-related function
  • The accident must have been caused by a specific workplace activity 
  • The accident must occur at a specific, identifiable point in time

That last point means that injuries sustained due to repetitive motion, such as back injuries acquired gradually over time due to the lifting of heavy materials, would not be awarded workers compensation benefits. In order to qualify, accidents must occur in a sudden fashion. 

Unfortunately, workers comp insurance companies often look out for their own self interests ahead of those of injured workers, and claims that have no business being denied can be rejected. The appeals process can be complicated, however, which is why injured workers often choose to work with an experienced workers comp lawyer.

Deadlines and Appeals for Your Fairfax County Workers Comp Decision

Following your injury, it’s important to make your supervisor aware of your accident as soon as possible. According to Virginia law, the deadline for informing your supervisor is generally thirty days from the date of your accident. Failing to report your injuries within the prescribed period could block you from receiving benefits. 

Similarly, if your claim has been rejected, you are generally limited to filing an appeal up to two years out from the date of your accident. If you’re worried about the timeline, a workers compensation lawyer can help prepare your claim. 

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