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Lynchburg Workers Comp Lawyer

Injuries on the job happen, which is why employers are required to carry a workers compensation insurance policy. Read on to discover the benefit of consulting a workers comp lawyer in Lynchburg for your claim. 

Often, claims can be delayed, modified, or denied. You need an aggressive response to secure the benefits you need. A Lynchburg workers comp lawyer can help. 

Investigating Your Lynchburg Workers Comp Claim

When you’ve been injured on the job, you may not know where to turn next. How do you get compensated for your medical bills related to your accident? What do you do if temporary or permanent disability keeps you out of work?

In Virginia, employers with more than three workers on staff are required to carry workers compensation insurance. Workers don’t need to prove that their employer or anyone else was at fault in order to receive compensation. In theory, this should make these benefits accessible to all who need them. The reality couldn’t be more different, however. 

Insurance companies, as with any other business, look to protect themselves and their own profits more than any other interest. The sad result of this is that many injured workers have their claims denied or delayed by insurers that should be taking care of them. That’s why, if you’re going to receive the benefits you deserve for your injuries, you need to take swift action. 

Timeline for Submitting Your Lynchburg Workers Comp Claim

Generally speaking, injured workers have two years from the date of their accident to submit their claims. For issues related to occupational illness, a two-year deadline from the date of awareness of the illness applies. 

That being said, there could be other restrictions in place that impact the timeline for your Lynchburg workers comp claim. It’s best to seek medical attention and speak to your employer as soon as you’re aware of your injuries. 

How to Successfully Appeal Your Workers Comp Decision in Lynchburg, Virginia

Often, workers compensation claims can be rejected. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean that you’re out of options just yet. 

Workers facing rejected workers comp claims can file a request for reconsideration, and even an appeal with the workers compensation court if all else fails. 

Appealing the decision for your case can be difficult, and you might not know how to handle the complexity of workers compensation laws. For this reason, many injured workers in Lynchburg feel moved to seek the services of an experienced workers compensation attorney. 

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If your workers compensation claim has been delayed or denied, you’ll need to take aggressive action to secure the benefits that are rightfully yours. At Pathfinder Injury Law, we take pride in advocating on behalf of injured Virgina workers, and we could be the turning point for your claim. 

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