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If you’ve been hurt in a serious Virginia work accident, you may need guidance from a Workers’ Comp law firm. Get the help you need now so you can focus on your health and not just your finances.

When you’re hurt at work, you may have been left with severe injuries and trauma. You may be unable to work now that you’ve been so severely injured. Worse, your employer or their insurance company may refuse to pay for the injuries you’ve suffered. 

When your Workers’ Comp provider refuses to give you the benefits you’re due, you may need a lawyer at Pathfinder Injury Law to step in. Your Virginia Workers’ Comp law firm can help you build a case to recover Workers’ Comp benefits for your losses. 

Workers’ Comp Benefits You May Be Due

After a work accident, you may need help getting the Workers’ Comp benefits you’re due. If you’re not sure what benefits to seek out, talk to a Workers’ Comp law firm about pursuing the following types of benefits: 

  • Medical Expenses – Your on-the-job accident may have left you with severe injuries that may require specialist treatment. Your Workers’ Comp benefits should cover all the costs of these losses. 
  • Disability Benefits – If you’re unable to work after a work injury, you may need benefits that cover some of the income you’re missing. These disability benefits offer up to two-thirds of your original income, depending on whether you’re able to work. 
  • Death Benefits – Losing a loved one is already a painful emotional loss, and that loss can also leave you without the financial support you need. Your Workers’ Comp law firm can help you seek benefits for your losses, including up to $10,000 for their burial and some wage replacement benefits, as well. 

Why Hire a Workers’ Comp Law Firm in Virginia? 

A Virginia work accident can leave you severely injured. You may have fallen from a height, been electrocuted or burned, or suffered a work-related illness. These injuries are severe and should be compensated, but you may not have the time and energy needed to focus on legal issues when you’re seriously injured. 

That’s where a Workers’ Comp firm in Virginia can help. If you’re injured in a work accident and you need help, your Workers’ Comp law firm has the courtroom experience you need to seek a fair Workers’ Comp settlement. They can even represent you during a hearing with the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission if the insurance company refuses to work with you. 

Connect with a Workers’ Comp Law Firm in Virginia

When you’re hurt in a Virginia work accident, your employer may be unwilling to pay for the losses you’ve suffered. But you don’t have to accept that response and give up hope. 

A Virginia Workers’ Comp law firm like Pathfinder Injury Law can help you go after Workers’ Compensation for your injuries. You can take advantage of our free consultations, too, so you know what to expect before you choose a lawyer. Talk to a Workers’ Comp lawyer now by calling (804) 505-0633 or by filling out the following online contact form. 

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