Virginia Workers’ Comp Lawsuit

If you’re hurt in a Virginia work accident and your employer refuses to settle, you may need to file a Workers’ Comp lawsuit. Luckily, your lawyer can help your lawsuit succeed.

When you’re hurt on the job, your first thought may be, “At least I can rely on my Workers’ Comp coverage.” That may have brought you some comfort until you received a denial letter. Now, it looks like you may be paying out of pocket for your expenses. 

But you have a chance to file a Virginia Workers’ Comp lawsuit for your losses. A Workers’ Comp lawyer at Pathfinder Injury Law can help you file your claim. We can give you the guidance and peace of mind you need so you can focus your attention on your injuries.

Why Was My Virginia Workers’ Comp Claim Denied?

When you file a Workers’ Comp lawsuit—which is actually an administrative claim and not a true lawsuit—in Virginia, you may first need to determine the reason you were denied. Once you know why you were denied, you and your Workers’ Comp lawyer can focus on proving you were wrongfully denied. 

For example, you may have suffered hearing loss because of your job. Your employer may dispute your claim, saying that your injury wasn’t caused by your job. In these cases, your Workers’ Comp lawyer in Virginia may seek a second opinion from a doctor and evidence that your workplace could have damaged your hearing. 

Here are some possible reasons for denial you may see, which your lawyer may be able to help with: 

  • Your employer doesn’t have Workers’ Comp insurance
  • You didn’t file on time
  • Your injuries don’t qualify for Workers’ Comp
  • You weren’t injured at work
  • You were never treated for an injury

How a Workers’ Comp Lawyer in Virginia Can Help

Your Virginia work comp lawyer may be key to your lawsuit. You may know why you were denied, but you may be overwhelmed by all the steps between this knowledge and a successful Workers’ Comp lawsuit. 

For example, you’re already seriously injured. When you’re unable to work, you may be under a lot of stress, and your family may be impacted by your lack of Workers’ Comp benefits. All you want to do is focus on recovering from your injuries. 

With a Workers’ Comp lawyer, you don’t have to worry about learning how to file a Workers’ Comp lawsuit or how to get compensated. Your lawyer can take care of the details while you focus on your family and your health. 

File a Lawsuit with a Virginia Workers’ Comp Lawyer

If you’ve been hurt on the job, you may have trouble getting Workers’ Comp benefits. But that doesn’t mean you have to move on without Workers’ Comp benefits to cover your losses.

If you’ve been denied Workers’ Comp and you believe you’re eligible, your situation may qualify for a Virginia Workers’ Comp lawsuit. At Pathfinder Injury Law, we’re here to help you go after the Workers’ Comp benefits you need. Start with a free consultation by calling (804) 505-0633 or by filling out the online contact form below. 

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