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How Faulty Equipment Causes Workplace Injuries

When you’re hurt in an on-the-job accident, you may be confused, overwhelmed, and struggling to determine how you’re supposed to overcome such severe losses. You may even be unsure of how exactly your accident happened. 

How does something like faulty equipment leave workers so severely injured? Read on to learn more about common ways faulty equipment can leave you injured and what you can do about it under Virginia law. 

Failure to Protect Your Safety

When you’re seriously injured in an accident, it may be because certain safety mechanisms didn’t work like they were supposed to. Let’s say you were working with heavy machinery like a forklift. Perhaps the brakes failed and caused you to crash, leading to broken bones, sprains, and other injuries. 

Your injury wouldn’t have happened if the safety mechanisms in place had worked. Because that equipment was faulty, you were seriously injured. If failsafes like brakes or automatic stopping features failed to work, you may be owed workers comp benefits for your injuries. 

Improper Maintenance 

Sometimes, human error can make a big difference in your work equipment accident. For example, other workers or another branch of the business may have been responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the equipment you were using. That’s not just meant to keep things running smoothly—it’s also meant to keep you safe. 

But if they failed to do their part of the job, you may have been seriously injured in a work accident due to faulty equipment. Because the accident happened in the scope of your job and because of your job, you may be eligible for financial benefits under your employer’s work comp insurance policy

What a Lawyer Can Do to Help You

Faulty equipment can malfunction at any time and leave you seriously injured on the job, but what can you do about it? If you’re an injured worker, Virginia law may have you covered with workers comp insurance. That’s great, but it’s only step one. The next step is navigating the claim process and dealing with greedy insurers and reluctant employers. 

If you’re having trouble with the insurer or your employer, reach out to a workers comp lawyer. They can identify the cause of your accident, gather evidence in your favor, and represent you in court hearings and negotiations. 

Need Help? Speak with a Workers Comp Lawyer 

If you’re struggling to get compensated when faulty equipment has left you seriously injured, you may need legal help to recover from your injuries. Pathfinder Injury Law is here to guide you to the legal solution you need when you’re injured at work. 

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