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There is always hope after a workplace injury. We’ll show you the path to justice and compensation.

The people of Virginia work hard. When we go to work, we give it everything we’ve got—and then some. But no matter how skilled we are at our jobs, workplace injuries happen. In fact, they’re incredibly common, and they turn lives upside down. Suddenly, you’re hurt so badly that you can’t work. Your ability to put food on the table is in danger.

Workers face financial insecurity from the very moment they’re injured, but it gets worse from there. Often, workplace injury victims find themselves struggling to get employers, workers compensation insurers, and workers comp officials to cooperate and uphold their end of the workers compensation bargain. They claim your injury doesn’t qualify or there’s some other false reason why you don’t deserve the work comp benefits promised to you under the law. They wrongfully deny your work comp claim.

That’s unacceptable, and it’s why we founded Pathfinder Injury Law. Our mission is to help you find the path to compensation for your work injury.


PATHFINDER INJURY LAW We bring a fighting spirit and a calming presence for our clients.

Let’s be perfectly honest: There are tons of workers compensation law firms in Virginia, and many of them would like to take your case. Out of all those options, why choose Pathfinder?

The other guys serve up a fancy suit-and-tie image that we simply don’t have. That’s fine. We’re betting that the workers of Virginia would prefer a little less stuffiness and a little more honesty.

How’s this for honesty? You probably won’t see us wearing a suit until we’re in the courtroom. We prefer to skip the fluff and focus on what matters. Your case matters. You matter.

We set ourselves apart from the pack in lots of ways. Check out a few of those below, and give us a call at 804-505-0633 to ask us yourself.

We don’t take cases. We serve people.

You’ll never be just a number with Pathfinder Injury Law. You’re a person, and we’ll treat you like one. That means your case will be our case. Our top priority is your well-being—financial and emotional.

We’re family-owned and operated.

We’re a husband-and-wife team that founded our boutique Virginia law firm to serve families like yours and ours. When you reach out to us, we want you to feel like you’re reaching out to family.

We’re local.

Our founder, Bryn Swartz, was born and raised in Richmond. He went to Randolph-Macon College in Ashland and the University of Richmond School of Law. Our firm is in Glen Allen, and we take cases across the state.

We’re experienced.

Our founding attorney has more than nine years of experience and has handled hundreds of Virginia workers compensation claims. We love putting our experience to use for injured workers in need.

We’re focused.

A lot of Virginia law firms take all kinds of cases. Not us. We are hyper-focused on workers compensation cases in Virginia. We know the ins and outs of this complex area of the law. We know how to win.

We prefer to skip the fluff and focus on what matters. Your case matters. You matter.



Did you know that the first chapter of the workers compensation section of the Code of Virginia is almost 6,000 words long? That’s one chapter; there are thirteen total chapters. If that makes your head spin, you’re not alone. You probably have tons of questions about your workers comp claim, and you probably won’t find what you’re looking for by reading through hundreds of pages of Virginia law.

There’s no need to waste your time. We have the answers to your Virginia workers comp questions. We’ve put some common questions in this FAQ, but we hope you’ll give us a call to get answers about your unique case, whether it’s a construction accident or a work illness or anything in between.

Can I receive workers comp benefits if my work accident was my fault?

This is a common misconception about workers comp. Fault doesn’t matter in Virginia workers compensation claims. Even if your own mistake or negligence caused your work injury, you can still recover benefits.

Does Virginia workers compensation cover work-related illnesses?

Yes. Virginia workers comp should provide benefits to people who have developed an occupational disease related to their work. From factory workers to office workers, common work-related illnesses include cancer, respiratory illnesses such as asthma and COPD, and skin diseases caused by chemical exposure.

How long do I have to file my work comp claim in Virginia?

The time limit on your workers compensation claim is extremely important. If you miss this deadline, you could sacrifice your right to compensation and other benefits. Typically, you have two years from the date of your accident to file a claim. For some work illnesses, this rule might be different, so reach out to an attorney if you have any questions.

Can my employer retaliate against me for filing a work comp claim?

Virginia law explicitly forbids an employer from firing an employee for filing a workers comp claim. Employers also cannot demote, punish, or retaliate against you in any form for taking advantage of your right to workers compensation. If you believe your employer is violating these rules, an experienced Virginia workers comp attorney can help you move forward.

How do lawyer fees work in Virginia workers compensation claims?

The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission sets attorney fees for workers comp cases. We only collect attorney fees from the benefits we obtain for our clients.

What locations do you serve?

Pathfinder Injury Law takes clients from all corners of  the state of Virginia.

Where can I get help with my Virginia workers compensation claim?

You aren’t required to have a lawyer to file a workers comp claim in Virginia, but a top workers comp attorney can provide help for every step of the process. Also, according to the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission, “… you will be at a disadvantage without legal representation.” Call Pathfinder Injury Law at 804-505-0633 or fill out the contact form below.



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