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Steps to Take Before a Workers Comp Hearing

One moment, you’re doing your job, without any trouble to worry about. The next, you’ve been seriously injured. Now you’re struggling to get compensated for the injuries you suffered. You may be worried about the right steps to take before a workers comp hearing. 

Recovering from a work injury can be tough, especially if you’re appealing a workers compensation denial. Luckily, your lawyer can help you take the right steps before your court date arrives. Check out the steps below to help turn your workers comp hearing into a success. 

Gathering Evidence 

When you’re initially denied workers comp benefits for your losses, you may need to gather extra evidence before you go to court. You and your lawyer, fortunately, have a chance to seek evidence for your defense. You have an opportunity to gather evidence that shows you’re due workers comp benefits for your severe losses. 

For example, the insurance company may claim you weren’t actually injured on the job, or that you weren’t injured at all. Your workers comp lawyer can help you dispute that by seeking out eyewitnesses, video footage, and medical records. 

Calculate Your Damages 

When you’re hurt on the job, you also need to know what damages, or losses caused by the work accident, you suffered. Knowing what these damages are worth can help you avoid settling for less than your claim is worth. 

Luckily, your Virginia lawyer can help you determine the costs of your injuries. They can help you pursue benefits that cover all the time you’ve been unable to work and help you assess the type of benefits you’re due, like partial or total disability benefits. Your lawyer can also help you determine how long you should receive these benefits, or whether you should receive these benefits on a permanent basis. 

Prepare to Testify 

As the injured party, you may be asked to testify about your injuries and your suffering. In some cases, the insurance company may try to push you into making a mistake. Inconsistencies in your story can help these companies avoid paying for your workers comp benefits. 

Luckily, your workers comp lawyer can help you prepare for your testimony. Knowing what to say and when to say it can help your claim succeed. Being prepared for questions before your hearing begins can help you answer with confidence, too, making it easier to prove you’re due benefits. 

Connect with a Workers Comp Lawyer Before Your Hearing 

An on-the-job injury can have devastating impacts, and you may struggle to get compensated for those losses. Your Virginia workers comp hearing gives you a chance to seek the benefits you may have been denied. But you also need to take the right steps before your hearing. 

Your lawyer at Pathfinder Injury Law is ready to help you when you’re unsure about the steps to take before a workers comp hearing. We can even meet for a free consultation about your claim before your hearing. Start by calling 804-505-0633 or by filling out the online contact form below.



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